Winter is coming, and it’s time to start saving for a rainy day


With the rising cost of living and subsequent financial pressure, sky-rocketing housing market, and tumultuous global affairs, now is the time to think carefully about how you are spending your money.

This week’s blog post provides a selection of simple ideas that could help you save as we breeze through Autumn into Winter.


According to the Federal Government’s Moneysmart website, there are a number of ways that you can save during tough times.

For example, setting up your bank account so money is transferred automatically into a savings account which cannot be easily accessed is a way of ensuring that you don’t spend your savings unless you really have to, as well as ensuring regular contributions to it.

Other important financial tips include making a budget, and paying off as much debt – such as credit – as you can.

If you are struggling with loan repayments, it is worth getting in touch with your finance broker for help.

In regards to other areas of life, there are a variety of methods to save money.

For example, when grocery shopping you can buy in bulk, buy specials, compare the unit prices, purchase seasonal produce, order your groceries via the web, reduce the amount of meat you eat, prep your meals, and even grow your own fruit and vegetables. All of these ideas could help you save money.

It is also important to look at unnecessary spending. For example, are you spending a lot on streaming services, or a gym membership, or takeaway food?

If so, could you cut back to one streaming service, find a free fitness group, and start cooking your own ‘fakeaway’?

When it comes to getting around, you can save money by taking public transport instead of driving. Or an even cheaper method is to ride a bike or carpool.

Ultimately, these and more methods combined can all help you put a little money aside this winter.

Key points

  • Create a budget!
  • Automate your savings.
  • Shop smart when it comes to groceries.
  • Meal prep, make ‘fakeaway’, have a limited number of streaming services.
  • Take public transport – save money, and the environment!
  • Talk to a financial advisor or mortgage broker for help if you are struggling.

At the end of the day, it is important to consult a financial expert if you are struggling with managing your money.


At the end of the day, the way that works best for you when it comes to saving is what feels maintainable, manageable, and yields results.

As the rainy days and difficult times continue, it is important to be financially literate and aware of ways that can help you cut cost.

For friendly help and advice, please feel free to reach out to the team at AA Finance Solutions.

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