Why it is Important to Review your Home Loans?

Why it is Important to Review your Home Loans?

Why do Interest rates change?

Interest rate change from time to time depending on a few factors, but the main reason of the change is due to the cost of funding for the bank.

In order to kick start the economy due to COVID-19, the reserve bank has been reducing the cost of funding by printing more money to stimulate the economy. This has caused record low interest rates and this may be a good time for you to ensure that your current loan arrangements suit your current financial circumstances.

Low Interest Rates

This year, our interest rates have been at an all-time low since COVID-19 struck back in 2020. But the rates are slowly recovering to curb inflation as the government is putting keeps the economy going through stimulus packages.

If you have not reviewed your home loans in a few years, there is a chance that your current rates may not be as competitive as it is currently. If you decide to switch to a more competitive loan package, it does not necessarily mean refinancing your debts to different lenders.

As personal circumstances change over time, the level of service that a client may require would often change as well. Being able to create a personalised service would save the client time such as managing multiple loans and freeing up time to spend with family and fulfill more life-fulfilling plans.  

If you can relate to the above and would like to explore further, there are special loan packages that can only be accessed by a mortgage broker and it is not available to the public. Do contact us and arrange for a time to chat.

Our Consultation Is Free

Do speak to us if you would like to know if you are eligible, our consultation is free and we are more than happy to help you to find a solution. Drop us a call on Whatsapp https://bit.ly/30kVSUB

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